Original Thai Curry

With your choice of

  • Vegetable

    • 11.00
  • Shrimp

    • 14.00
  • Chicken

    • 12.00
  • Seafood

    • 16.00
  • Beef

    • 13.00
  • Green Curry (Haeng Khiao Wan)

    Green curry with basil, Thai eggplant, coconut milk, string beans and bell peppers

    Green Curry (Haeng Khiao Wan)
  • Panang Curry (Panang Kari)

    A rich thick, bamboo shoots, panang curry cooked with coconut milk, basil leaves and bell peppers

    Panang Curry (Panang Kari)
  • Masaman Curry (Masaman Kari)

    Masaman curry with coconut milk, tamarind juice, potatoes, peanuts and onions

    Masaman Curry (Masaman Kari)
  • Yellow Curry

    Yellow curry with basil, pineapple and bell peppers

    Yellow Curry
Original Thai Curry
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